MaD Kids Leave

Last week MaD was hit with the devastating news that 7 of our 8 foster children had decided to go back to their community.

Unbeknownst to us, members from our foster kids’ former village community had been secretly visiting the kids at their school and had been promising them the world if they went back to their home community, despite the fact that conditions have not changed there at all since the kids decided to come to MaD over a year ago. However, through their concerted and persistent efforts they somehow managed to convince the children to leave their life of education, daily nutritious meals, electricity, water, etc, and return to their former village with little food, no education, no clean water or education, and no electricity. Out of the eight kids, one of them (Thuy) chose to stay with us and refused to accept his former life. We are all clearly at a loss and are utterly devastated by the others’ decision. However, there is little we could do and all we can fall back on is the hope that we provided them with the happiest, most fulfilling and enriching lives that we could throughout their time with us.

 MaD launches its nutrition program

With the arrival of several thousand Moringa Oleifera seeds today, MaD is now ready to officially launch the pilot project for our new Nutrition Program. Cambodia has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the Asia Pacific region, with 26% of the population suffering from malnutrition and 45% of children suffering from moderate or severe stunting as a direct result. This program has been designed with the aim of fostering a local, sustainable solution to this problem by promoting the cultivation and consumption of Moringa Oleifera trees and amaranth grain amongst rural communities.


Partner Hotels in Chiang Mai helped sponsor our new initiative.

The Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel has offered to support our mission for taking care of all of the problems we currently face.

The Phukum Hotel is the perfect place to relax. They are one of our largest supporters and we are grateful to them.

And of course the famous Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel is the best location for business traveler to rest and recuperate from their journey.



 The MaD Tuk Tuk Challenge: the aftermath!

So everyone is back safe and sound from the inaugural event of the MaD Tuk Tuk Challenge. All the teams did great in their fundraising efforts and we managed to raise over $3500 for MaD in total!!

The trip itself was fantastic and we encourage anyone else who’s been thinking about giving it a try to come across for one of the next events in July and then November!

We’ve made a video compilation of the best pictures and videos from the challenge, which you can view below (be sure to switch to hi-res mode and turn up your speakers!). Enjoy!

Buzz Magazine article on MaD

Matthew Nelson, an ex-volunteer with vMaD, has recently written an article for Buzz Magazine on his experience volunteering with us and on his thoughts on ‘voluntourism’ in general. It’s a great read and we highly recommend that you check it out. Thanks Matt!

Support our projects on Ecodana

MaD has recently partnered with Ecodana, a new social enterprise that aims to support ecological development projects working at the grassroots level through microdonations. We currently have two of our projects posted on their site: our compost toilet project for Prolit village and our Moringa Oleifera project, to be launched later this year. Please visit their website and consider making a donation to help us reach our fundraising targets!

 árbol en las manos

 PRA in Prolit Village

One of the first things that drew MaD to Reul Commune when we were collecting data in order to decide where to begin our new Rural Developement projects was the eagerness of the community members we contacted to help us. When we started contacting commune leaders in Puok District and mentioned that we were thinking of commencing projects in their communes, most took several days to give us the information we required. When we got in touch with Reul Commune, the commune leaders instantly became very excited about the prospect of having an NGO to help them and came back to us with all the information we needed within a couple of hours, stressing that if we needed anything else at all to please contact them at any time. It was quickly clear when we started going through the data that Reul Commune is a place that is in great need of help: it has one of the lowest water coverage rates in Siem Reap (which is well below the Cambodian average as it is), their agriculture (upon which the majority of the inhabitants rely) is suffering greatly and the poor sanitation situation in the commune has caused countless problems.

 M.A.D. in Bakong

Today we gave a presentation to the Department of Health reviewing our Medical Assistance Direct Program in Bakong over the last year. Palynath gave a great presentation and it was received well by all so we thought we’d share it here with you all!