Charity Begins With a Home…


We all need a roof over our heads… and the saying charity begins at home has been adapted to ‘Charity begins with a Home!’ 

The community came to us some time back and asked for assistance. A widow [her husband died some time back, he drowned in water he didn’t realise was so deep, whilst collect lotus roots to sell] and left behind his wife, a son and daughter. 

She has tried to survive as the bread winner, but it is hard at the best of times to cope with such loss… here it seems to be impacted by the relative poverty of rural communities.

Having a home which is safe and secure, protecting one from sun and rain is a basic requirement in life. This women and her children had neither and as much as the family and villagers want to help her they too are living a hand to mouth existence themselves, which resulted in her home slowly falling in to a state of decline as the termites devoured the timbers, the palm thatch disappeared and the place slowly fell apart with time.

As fast as the villagers had a little bit of materials to patch up one hole another appeared until eventually they had no hope of ever making the house safe and water tight. 
In the photos below you can see how the house was when we visited her to discuss the potential of MaD helping…

Unfortunately Khmer New Year came up after we decided to accept the communities request for assistance and so the project was put on hold.

But on the 23rd of April we commenced with the “The House that MaD Built” project… 
Rob arrived from the UK, Matt from Scotland, Colin & Andy from the USA via Japan where they teach English, to help us on the project. Thank You! Guys, for your kind support and financial contribution to “The House that MaD Built”.

Then on the 2nd of May Theresia the ‘big gun’ arrived from the USA, also via Japan where she is an English teacher! T many thanks to you for being such fun and for making a great contribution to the project, financially and with smiles and laughter!

Our second full house build was fully completed in May and the widow and her children moved in with a huge sense of pride and gratitude. We added a special surprise to the whole house build by giving them a lovely new queen size bed which they value very much. Smiles all round as they showed of their new home, safe and dry ahead of the 2009 wet season!