Launch of MaD’s Permaculture Demoonstration Farm

D DAY! … began at 7am this morning as the dozer arrived and we started the land clearance for the MaD PDF [Permaculture Demonstration Farm] Project – the new permaculture, organic vegetable garden and livestock project.

The new main gates [kindly donated by a generous LOCAL KHMER family] went on yesterday so now the area is pretty secure, we can start with the clearing and levelling off of the whole area so that we have maximum usage of the land.

We are keeping as many of the trees as we can and the pond which when lined will become a water storage and duck pond, with the current fish/duck pond on the adjoining land being dredged and prepared as the fish farm pond.

Then as soon as the land is cleared we start the hard work; planning and designing the layout for livestock, seedling sheds, irrigation, etc. etc. and of course our new manure/composting area + replanting indigenous trees and vegetation that will bring back the birds and butterflies etc. to kick-off the permaculture side of things.

This is an ambitious project, involves some serious investment and as usual we are constantly looking for private and or corporate funding to help with the establishment and operation of what we are hoping will be a training centre within the urban area of Siem Reap for up to 12 men and women [plus 4-6 full time staff] who will spend 2 years learning the full benefits of organic farming, animal husbandry, fish farming, renewable energy sources and the use and harnessing thereof etc. so that they can in turn help themselves and share with their families and communities these newly acquired skills.

At the end of the day the PDF Project is about sharing skills and empowerment for those working with us.

A few more images to follow of the work in progress…