Liquid Gold


After drilling a few weeks ago down to 60m, breaking 3 drills in the process & coming up dry… we returned to the same project, 84kms north of Siem Reap to drill again, but this time with the BIG rig.

To witness it all first hand and to enjoy the life of a tough, hard working Khmer we sent 2 crazy volunteers up with the truck. MaD responsibly tackles all challenges it faces and getting this small community water is a priority!

The volunteers slept under the stars, all be it in nice mosquito free hummocks, but with the snakes, cattle and karaoke music to keep them awake and as if that wasn’t bad enough they had no showers or toilets etc. and NO fresh water until they hit it whilst drilling and then had installed the pump! They ate was given them which consisted of rice and dried fish most days… but as the saying goes ‘Beggars can’t be choosers!’ They had a place to sleep, a few bushes to go to the loo behind, bottled water and traditional Khmer working man’s food – in short they wanted for nothing! Ha ha… we received daily SMS reports from them on how they were managing and drilling progress – often accompanied by a report on the progressive darkening of their skin… layer by layer the dirt was being laid down! Yuk…

But the team endured all that was thrown at them, suffered through the karaoke music and much more, ruined 3 more drills but at 47m struck liquid gold! Ye ha!

The community are in 7th heaven as this is the BEST end to the Khmer year they could ever have; the volunteers have had an experience of a life time.

They returned a week later looking like this: