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Positive Feedback from Prolit!

Sitting on Cloud 9 at MaD Base Camp! On Friday we conducted a feedback session with the families using water pump #6 and sanitation unit #1. The response we received from the families was overwhelming! We received more positive feedback than we ever could have imagined. Nut Tharin, one of Prolit’s most respected elder women, told us that MaD is “best in the world!” She is thrilled that MaD has followed up with every initiative that we have promised, and is excited that MaD is scheduled to continue working in Prolit village. All of the families reported having less diarrhea and stomachaches since the installation of the water pump and sanitation unit. We begged them for some constructive criticism, but to our dismay the families could come up with nothing!

Welcome new members of the MaD Team!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for staying tuned to our MaD Diary! As the rainy season gradually draws to an end, we have some exciting staffing updates to share with you all!

We have had some new additions to our MaD team. With three new Khmer staff – Ravi, Teya, and Haas – working  with us in Prolit we have seen our productivity skyrocket! Depending on how many international volunteers we have at any given time, we can have up to three teams working at once – this means that we can have many more units in construction at any given time. Considering that we are still battling some fairly intense flooding in the region and our productivity has already been given a boost, we are very, VERY excited for what we are going to be able to accomplish once these rains decide to blow past! Walking through waist deep water to the village certainly adds an extra challenge, as it involves making many trips back and forth through this water to get the materials to the construction site, but it is nothing that our team isn’t up for!

Help MaD in the GlobalGiving Open Challenge

This month MaD has entered its brand new Nutrition Project into the GlobalGiving Open Challenge. In this challenge, we have to raise a minimum of $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors by the end of September. If we end up being the organisation which raises the highest amounts or secures the highest number of donors, we can also win bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $3,000! So in short, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Latest MaD Chatter (Aug ’10)

Hi everyone,


The latest edition of the MaD Chatter is available to download here.


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MaD’s new toys

With our projects in Prolit gathering more and more momentum, over the past couple of weeks MaD has taken stock of some new equipment which will be of invaluable use to our rural development work. First off we have our new vehicle: the MaD Tuk Truck. Even before we started work in Prolit we knew that getting to and from the project site each day was going to be a major challenge, especially during the rainy season. However, the road has turned out to be even more difficult to navigate than we had estimated! When we first started work in the dry season we found ourselves having to take half the amount of materials that we needed for the day simply because our motorbike wasn’t capable of pulling the trailer stacked with the full amount of materials across the bumpy, sandy and pothole ridden road! Things quickly deteriorated once the rains started coming down and the road is now getting more and more difficult to drive across with each day that passes.

MaD receives a $50,000 NVIDIA grant!

Making a Difference (MaD) for Good USA just won a 2010 NVIDIA High Impact Grant for our water andsanitation project in Prolit village. We will use the $50,000 grant to transform the lives of all 1,048 residents in the village of Prolit in Cambodia, by installing UNICEF water pumps, distributing effective water filters, and building improved sanitation units using compost toilets. Furthermore, we have raised additional funds to provide water pumps and filters to an additional 1,000 people in the villages surrounding Prolit thanks to the following corporate sponsors: Siliconware Precision Industries Co., STATS ChipPac LTd., Nan Ya PCB Corp.,ASE Group, and Unimicron. These grants will tremendously impact the lives of many Cambodian people and we sincerely thank the aforementioned corporations and the following volunteers that helped to apply for the grants: Chris Alford, Stephanie Kent, Stephanie Bravo, Grace Lee, Nick Smith, and Ashkon Jafari.