MaD Kids Leave


                    Last week MaD was hit with the devastating news that 7 of our 8 foster children had decided to go back to their community. Unbeknownst to us, members from our foster kids’ former village community had been secretly visiting the kids at their school and had been promising them the world if they went back to their home community, despite the fact that conditions have not changed there at all since the kids decided to come to MaD over a year ago. However, through their concerted and persistent efforts they somehow managed to convince the children to leave their life of education, daily nutritious meals, electricity, water, etc, and return to their former village with little food, no education, no clean water or education, and no electricity. Out of the eight kids, one of them (Thuy) chose to stay with us and refused to accept his former life. We are all clearly at a loss and are utterly devastated by the others’ decision. However, there is little we could do and all we can fall back on is the hope that we provided them with the happiest, most fulfilling and enriching lives that we could throughout their time with us. Please click this link to read the full story.